Ultrastructure planktonic foraminifer - Eocene, ca. 35 Ma
Heterohelix globulosa planktonic foraminifer - Upper Cretaceous, ca. 70 Ma
Tube-formed ?iron bacteria and sulfate crystals - recent culture
Two types ?iron bacteria - recent culture
Ultrastructure tooth enamel - recent
Detail insect leg Vespa sp. - recent
Fecal pellet sediment trap - Atlantic, April 2003 AD
Fecal pellet/coccoliths sediment trap - Atlantic, April 2003 AD
Ultrastructure Au-target test magnification 100kx
Fracture Fe/Ni-tool embedded in resin
Polished rock SE-picture high surface relief low element contrast
Polished rock as above BSE- picture strong element contrast light: mineral phases with high z-number
Zircon chrystal SE-picture - Nigeria ?Paleozoic
Zircon chrystal as above Cathodolumiscence (CL)-picture zonal structure of luminscent rings
Micromorphology quartz grain - Namibia, Pleistocene
Kaolinite crystal - recent
Mixed Kaolinite-SiO2 crystals - recent
Mixed Kaolinite-SiO2 crystals - recent
Lycopodium assurgens spores - recent
Pollen Huperzia crietii - recent
Fossil charcoal Cedrus sp. - Syria, ca. 4500 yr BP
Fossil charcoal Spp. - NW Germany, Permian ca. 270 Ma